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Excellence in Real Estate, Agriculture VENTURE CAPITAL & Hospitality since 1987





Shenton is a highly diversified international group, operating in the United Kingdom, France, the United States and the Eastern Carribean.


Established in the mid 18th Century, the Shenton family farming businesses have evolved through the decades by adding Real Estate, Venture Capital and Hospitality to their portfolio.


Shenton's successful evolution is due to its unwavering commitment to high ethical standards and continual investment in its long-term relationships with its poeple, partners and clients.




My business philosophy has always been based on finding and nurturing the best talent; attract the best people and let them get on with it. Give them the conditions, the autonomy and the goals to feel satisfied. Look after your staff, as they look after your customers.


Grow a carapace, inure yourself to uninformed opinion, shrug off timidity, envy and doubt. Focus on the horizon and paddle like hell!


I believe execution is everything; the computer tablet was around for years before Apple invented the iPad. To be successful you need the idea and the execution, you'll fail without both.


If you are clear about your goal, if you put together a great team, if you are willing to exhaust yourself in the effort, if you are willing to win in inches as well as in feet, a huge amount of good can be achieved.

ABOUT Colin Shenton




Shenton Group is committed to the sustainable development of its' businesses. While providing the highest quality of product and service to customers, we strive to minimise impact on the environment through our activities.


Shenton insist on professionalism, accountability, and transparency. We offer our staff equitable, safe, and healthy workplaces and nurture their career development. We pursue operational excellence in everything we do, priding ourselves on being forward-looking, innovative, and original. These qualities are the foundation to our success and vital to our long-term sustainability.


We are proud of our achievements in sustainability. We believe that business can flourish in synergy with the environment and have ongoing investments in sustainable operations.

We consider the needs of our community with care and we make positive contributions where we can.


We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

REAL ESTATE (Based in Manchester)


- Financial Comptroller

- Land Buyer

AGRICULTURE (Based in St Vincent)


- Agronomist 

- Extension officers

- Operations Manager

HOSPITALITY (Various locations)


- Ziferblat Hosts, Manchester and Liverpool

- Ziferblat Events Manager, Liverpool

- Ziferblat Accounts Clerk, Manchester

- Sam's Hostels General Manager, Liverpool

- Sam's Hostels, Hosts, Liverpool

- Oppidan: House Manager, Manchester

In the first instance, please email your CV to:



For all enquiries, please fill out the form below, thank you.

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