The Shenton family has farmed in Cheshire and Derbyshire since William Shenton moved from Derbyshire in 1749. In recent years the successful expansion of the hospitality businesses and consumer demand for authenticity combined with a dramatic upsurge in interest in coffee lead us to invest in our own coffee plantations.


Shenton Farms has signed an agreement with the Government of St Vincent and The Grenadines to grow 2,000 acres of coffee intercropped with 2,000 acres of bananas creating a new entrant to the global coffee market, super premium specialty coffee which will be marketed under the Three Rivers brand. 2,000 acres will produce enough coffee for 80m shots of espresso each year and St Vincent coffee will only be available from Shenton Farms.


In addition, we are pioneering the production of coffee flour, milled from the dried coffee cherry husks. Coffee flour is gluten, fat and cholesterol free, high in fibre and potassium and satisfies the growing demand for alternatives to wheat flour.